Thursday, February 20, 2020


It is time to learn that Miracles do happen they did back when Jesus walked the Earth and they do today still. Why because God's promises are the same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, This is written in the Book called the Bible for some have never heard of it. It is the one book you must go to when there are times of trouble but also times of rejoicing. Do you reflect on what has happen to you that is good and give God glory or do you just enjoy it and then another bad moment or incident happens and robs you of your joy? Well the secret is you have to stay consistent and even during those times of struggle or lost, not understanding why your going through what you are going through. Everything is not for us to understand. Trust he has your best interest at heart because he is love and his love formed everyone that walks this planet rather they want to admit it or not. 
It seems so many need prayers answers these days but are you really I mean really reaching out to God and ask him to help you during these times and just listen for his response, Yes I said Listen but not a voice you hear outloud but you will get clues and reminders of things and you know inside it is coming from somewhere well if your gut is bothering you or it won't leave your mind, it is God trying to tell you your answer. God will NEVER ask you to harm another person or hurt someones heart. He truly is about Love and we are to love one another as we love ourselves and if you can't love yourself, Well you should! He didn't mess up on you and in fact he made you perfectly for this life and whatever he has in store for you but we have free will and we can get off his plans if we are not listening and that always seems when disasters strikes. 
Miracles can happen if you open yourself up to God more and more 

If you read this far you are in need of a Miracle and it could be a big one or just a little one you need answer whatever it may be I know if you go to him by just speaking out loud in private the sound waves will release into the atmosphere and reach the heavens. It is music to Gods ears. Oh but some might say I am not worthy I feel awful of things I have done. Laugh at it really because that is the Devils lies to you and he is winning by beating you down, No matter what you did, If you ask God to forgive you, Considered it done. I know this because I am speaking from experience and I have felt ashamed at times but he reminds me even through my trials that he is with me and that if I am patient enough Miracles do happen. May this comfort you with whatever you are going through. 
Lord I lift whoever reads this up to you no matter the day or hour or Country that you show them you are hearing them to restore Faith this world so desperately needs. In Jesus name Amen.
-Bigg Faith

Sunday, February 16, 2020

When You Feel Alone

 Your Never Alone .............

When your feeling alone in Today's world know that you are never alone and if you pay close attention you will be shown little signs that will remind you of actually just that!
Let me share a story once that I have on my Channel a time or two because it was such a Big impact in my life. I went through a time I needed to make an important decision and I wasn't sure on how I was going to face these problems and alone. Now I went to bed and had a dream that God held my wrist and knowing I was afraid of heights he had me fly with Angels in all Beautiful color dresses and I couldn't see God himself but You know when you know it is God in your dreams! He ask me to trust him with what I was going through. Then I woke up. Now being young and dumb to not knowing the importance of this dream I do know I failed him in this area but as he does he Forgives us and understands us. Best part God knows the future so he knew I would still fail him but in the same sense it planted a seed in my life to reflect on to share with others my story so you don't miss this chance he may give to you. 
There was another time I was so scared to share a secret but with a push from my Guardian Angel and when I say push I mean actually that I was pushed from behind but with the serious of the issue I knew they wanted me to be release from the prison I put on myself so with that push the words came out and the healing began and this time I listen!
So know your never alone and don't be scare by it but embrace it and enjoy the protection they provide for you. These days we need all the protection we can receive from the spiritual realm. 

Friday, January 31, 2020

Jesus and The Devil SuperBowl

What Team Do You Want To Be On?

The Devil is part of history he is a fallen angel and If you don't know this Jesus is real and it is like two sport teams in the Superbowl right now and the playoffs are going on where the only best is being picked to play the game but truth be told there is a spiritual game going on between Heaven and Hell and Jesus is the Recruiter of Heaven and Lucifer is the Recruiter of Hell for the playoffs and the final outcome will be who will win enough souls at the Super-Portal of hell or Heaven each have a Entrance Gates with many in the stands, waiting and some definitively are screaming but not to cheer you on but on Heavens side you will hear The Marching Band Playing and with Angel Voices singing Glory to God in the Highest and peace to the people on earth. We all all need some peace these days.What team will you be drafted for and what is your contract worth!You don't have to be perfect to know and love Jesus and you know he is with you hearing you or waiting for you. Just speak to him " Hi Jesus it's me and I don't know what to say but this is what is laying on heart or mind and can you please show me your with me in some way or open my eyes and give me wisdom, In your name, Amen) 
Let The Drafts Begin!
Important News
On The World News They Discuss This CNN Super Bowl & Sex Trafficking The Truth!

Just like you can not see human trafficking for now you can't see Jesus but both are real and Jesus will be returning sooner than later.....

Do you pray for protection over your home and your house and family and your friends? That is the best gift you can give them in Today's times and its is 100% Free to give over and over for them, especially if they cross your mind



Feel Like Your Missing Something ? Well You Are ...

I am The RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE; all lasting Life emanates from Me. People search for life in many wrong ways: chasing after wealth, trying to deny the inevitable effects of aging. Who turns toward Me. As you come to Me and take My yoke upon you, I fill you with My very Life, This is how I choose to live in the world and accomplish my purposes this is also how I bless you with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory.. The Joy is Mine, and the Glory is Mine; but I bestow them on you as you live in My Presence, inviting Me to live fully in you.

Bigg Faith Here and" he is laying it on my heart today to tell you he loves everyone in this world and he adores us but how many our adoring him today? If you don't believe follow his trail he has left for us and read his messages for each of us, and stop hating each other and start being more honest, more loving and slow down and feel your spirit that makes your body move and find rest in peace in him even if you have nothing to give or receive this holiday season know he is saving for you in heaven rewards for your faith and don't be sad today for you have the gift of life which is what you make of it no matter what you own or where you are at in this life, if you carry Joy in your heart you will bring riches to you that you may not even being aware of that you already how can you receive more from him if your not seeking.....ITS A FACT NOT A FICTION RESEARCH"
-Bigg Faith With Jesus Calling Reading and what he laid on my heart ,

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How To Hear From God

How you ever wanted to hear God and/or You think you do but to scare or doubtful to believe you did? Well I can relate and I have my experience of hearing him and it is our job to share our experiences so others will know how to hear from him and if you do sometimes it can seem insane in what he will ask you to do. I do know by doing what he ask of you , you will always get the answer from him and maybe learn as well by helping others in this world is his number reason he speaks to us so we can bring many to him so they to can understand and why it is so important to. 
Dedicated to Sam a young mother and to her family for they are grieving her lost. Oh though the world did not know her , Her words I will share and Maybe together we can bring others closer to Christ. Here is the message God gave me to give to her and as you listen to it know he loves each and everyone of us the same. No one is perfect but you must have love for him as well because God is Love and Love is God.  He is father to all, as a father teaches you right from wrong for your safety on earth so does God your father in heaven to teach you right from wrong the big wide path to the narrow path ...Which is the one you should take because in the end it will lead to bigger pastures. if you know the song sing along, don't worry about not sounding good, as you can tell I can not but I worship him with all I have and do not worry of others. Lets celebrate a life even if you do not know her but lets share this message so others may here of him. 

You must pray with belief 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Jesus Dreams

I had another dream that I was outside and the sense that no one knew what was going on all around us, These are signs of the times we are in. 
-Bigg Faith

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It is time to learn that Miracles do happen they did back when Jesus walked the Earth and they do today still. Why because God'...